University Students


We have several undergraduate and postgraduate students working at the LCDU. See Eye tracking whilst speaking and Transcribing experiments involving children for example projects. If you would like to get involved or have an idea for a study, please get in touch on

If you are interested in getting experience as a volunteer research assistant, please get in touch with a potential supervisor amongst our staff, or see our Research Experience Scheme for inspiration.


The LCDU is part of Linguistics & Phonetics, within the School Languages, Cultures and Societies. We host a number of taught master’s programs that are relevant for students interested in language development. These include the MA in Linguistics and the MA by Research (Linguistics & Phonetics). Further details on Master’s programmes can be found here.

Current MA students who are interested in carrying out a developmental research project as part of their course are encouraged to get in touch with potential supervisors as early in the year as possible.

We are always happy to hear from motivated potential PhD students looking to conduct research into child language acquisition. Do get in contact with potential supervisors at the University to discuss your proposal. Further details on the PhD program can be found here.