We are always looking to link up with families interested in bringing their children to the University to take part in our research. Here’s the view from a couple of our recent visitors:

R really enjoyed himself. He read the book at bedtime and has been showing off his certificate to everyone! It was really interesting seeing how he responded and engaged. Happy to help out anytime with any of my boys – I always find it interesting!  – M

It was really fun. I liked the computer and all the toys. I like my certificate and I like my new mouse. – R (4 yrs)

Adult woman and child sitting on her lap. A second child standing next to them.

For those considering this… my daughter took part recently and really enjoyed it. I was able to take my younger daughter with me too and it was so easy to attend with free parking provided. Nice to contribute to Science in my opinion!


Child smiling I took my son a few weeks ago and he had a great time. His attention did get led elsewhere but he stuck with it and I was proud of him. He loves his Little Scientist certificate and we’ve read the book gift every day since. We made a day of it and got pizza after. B is asking when we can come again!


My 3.5 yr old son took part in the study to do with understanding descriptions. He absolutely loved it ; the researcher gave him tons of encouragement and was really engaging. The stickers worked a treat and the certificate is a lovely touch. My son is telling everyone he has been learning to help them learn. Lovely, different way to spend time with my son. Would be delighted to take part in any future studies.

We had a great afternoon taking part in the research. My three year old was very excited to play the games and has asked to go again! I was so proud of how she applied herself and behaved in a new and unfamiliar environment. My one year old joined us and she played with the toys while the older one participated in the research. I’d definitely recommend it, it’s something different and fun to do with your child, and it helps the department continue their essential work.


How does it work?Child pointing to a tablet

If you sign up to our database, we wait until your child reaches an age suitable for a particular study. At that point, we will contact you and explain all there is to know about that study. If you then decide to join in, we will make an appointment at a time that is convenient for you and your child. Studies usually last around 30 minutes. You stay with your child, and children usually have a lot of fun!

Children are given ample time to feel comfortable in the new environment, and parents can have a coffee whilst we get to know your child. Siblings are welcome to come along; we have baby changing facilities and a microwave for snacks. We will fully explain what to expect and you will have chance to ask questions. All of our procedures and technologies are fun, safe and non-invasive, and all of our research is approved by the Faculty Ethics Committee.

We work with many children for each study, and then average the data to see if they behave in similar ways. We present the anonymised data patterns at academic conferences, and publish them in articles. We are careful to make sure that all the personal data that we collect is kept confidential, especially names and contact details.

If you and your child are interested in participating in a study with the LCDU, please register with us. If you have any questions which aren’t answered on the website, just drop us a line at lcdu@leeds.ac.uk

We hope to meet you and your family in the lab soon!