EAL learning, pedagogy, and materials

A workshop presented by Annina Hessel (University of Oxford)

Wednesday 11th of October, from 16:30 to 18:00

University of Leeds (Parkinson SR B.08)


The session started by giving an overview of facts about EAL pupils, including (i) the relationship between English proficiency and educational achievement, (ii) typical English language profiles of EAL learners and what influences their development, and (iii) the continuing language support needs of advanced EAL pupils.  Particular attention was paid to research on vocabulary development and reading comprehension: two aspects of language learning that develop throughout school time.
The second part of the session consisted of demonstrations and hands-on tasks exploring how to best support EAL learners, with a particular focus on inclusive, language-conscious teaching. There was also a demonstration of how to prepare appropriate materials. The session was informed by research evidence and best practice examples from EAL professionals.
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